The Winning Attitude to Health and Wealth in the 21st Century

Donald Thomas August 13, 2018
Health is your greatest wealth

health and wealth

Nowadays, health and wealth are core values taught in communities. Physical fitness, a positive mental attitude, and desirable habits will keep you physically and mentally fit, plus the benefit of healthy aging. The relationship between health and wealth has advanced with the advent of technology, so much so that these four characteristics are needed in the 21st century:

Thinking like a winner

One way of standing out in the crowd is to show what you are made of­—in sports, in your profession, or in contributions to your society. So you should shift your mind-set and “think yourself to health and wealth.” Be among winners so you learn their habits and the way they think. Not only will you survive life’s challenges; you will thrive too.

Being pragmatic

Simplicity and balance are keys to improving your health and wealth. You don’t need to buy superfoods, get exclusive gym memberships, or join weekend “change your life” seminars. Here’s a good place to start: Affordable healthy foods are found at your local supermarket. Take a walk, walk the dog or try New Jump Swing rope jumping for at least thirty minutes a day. Get out of bed when you don’t really want to. Remember, change starts in you.

Soothing soul fatigue

The relationship between health and wealth also relates to the quality of social interactions you have every day. How your body feels impacts your body’s spiritual balance. Walter Breuning, who passed away in April 2011 at the age of114, gives his philosophy of life:

“Embrace change, even when the change slaps you in the face.

Every change is good. Eat two meals a day—that’s all you need.

Work as long as you can—that money’s going to come in handy.

Help others—the more you do for others, the better shape you’re in.

Accept death—we’re going to die. Some people are scared of dying.

Never be afraid to die. Because you’re born to die.”

Consider picking up stress management exercises, yoga, internal martial arts such as tai chi and chi gung as well as other forms of meditation to achieve a sound mind in a sound body.

Not falling for fads

Food supplements and medical procedures (some still undergoing research and development) may cause a lot of confusion where you need to consult with experts at health and wealth international movements and those whose expertise falls within innovation health and wealth. You can avoid fads by just eating whole, unprocessed foods. Consult with your dietician and do your research to find the optimal diet you need to live a full and happy life.


Health and wealth are like two sides to a coin; they are inseparable. Physical fitness is a gift you give yourself. Pursue wisdom-informed workout programs and diets. Because the relationship between health and wealth enhances human dignity and the dignity of labor.

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Donald “Spiderman” Thomas is a 3 times Guinness record holder motivational speaker, fitness and healthy aging advocate.

He is listed in the 1980-84 editions for delivering the longest sermon-93 consecutive hours titled The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition-The Way of PDN, which is his internal martial arts program for healthy aging.



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