Health Challenges Women Face in the 21st century

Donald Thomas July 30, 2018
Be Healthy: How to be super fit despite challenges in health

health challenges

Women face a myriad of health challenges—some of which are only specific to them. For starters, there are certain diseases that impact women more significantly than men, heart disease being one of them. While this is the leading cause of death for both, women are more likely to die from a heart attack compared to men. In fact, heart attack is much more severe for women, with 50% of them likely to die within a year.

And there are plenty of other health challenges women face today. While technology helped alleviate some of these challenges in health, that doesn’t mean these advancements eliminated the challenge of dealing with them. Here’s a list of some diseases and conditions women are more prone to experience and ways to deal with them:

Mental Health

It turns out that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression at some point in their lives. One reason for this is the biological changes women go through across the lifespan, which can potentially trigger the disease. Aside from physical changes, societal expectations, cultural norms, and even socioeconomic factors could exacerbate the condition.

How to deal:

To all those women who want to overcome depression, you must first recognize the signs. This can be a bit challenging because your symptoms might manifest differently than men do. Some of the more common signs include fatigue, crying more than usual, and an overall lack of interest. After recognizing the red flags, the next logical step is to seek support from friends, family, or any trusted confidant. Aside from establishing strong connections with trusted people, there are also physical activities you can do to alleviate the symptoms, such as exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, meditating, and even starting a hobby.

Reproductive Issues

Women’s reproductive health doesn’t just cover fertility issues. It also covers menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and other conditions or diseases that directly affect a woman’s reproductive system. This is a complicated subject because most of the reproductive issues women face surfaces during specific stages in their life, such as adolescence, pregnancy, and old age.

How to deal:

Whatever stage you are in life, always be mindful of the changes your body is going through because it just might be tied to your reproductive health. Consulting with your gynecologist is also important so that you get a better idea of these changes and inform you which ones are normal or abnormal. Your gynecologist also educates you on the steps to make for each stage in life, whether you are undergoing puberty, pregnancy, or menopause.

Of course, there are other obstacles women face when it comes to overcoming health and fitness challenges and women within minority groups face even greater challenges to these same issues.

A point that I have highlighted in all of my Guinness record speeches and books. Whatever those health problems may be, it’s important to be guided on how to deal with them. Not only will this ensure a healthier body, it might just also improve your life too.

Speaking of a healthier body and better lifestyle, if you need help kickstarting your fitness regime, then read my book New Jump Swing Healthy Aging and Athletic Nutrition Program. If you have thoughts and questions regarding fitness, you can get in touch with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Donald “Spiderman” Thomas is a 3 times Guinness record holder motivational speaker, fitness and healthy aging advocate. He is also a Social Security Disability Advocate who works with a major law firm based in Honolulu, Hawaii



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