In the name of Health!

Donald Thomas September 17, 2018

Guinness World Record

In the name of Health

40 years ago this week, I stood at the Tree of Life School located at the corner of 125th st and Malcolm X Blvd and presented my philosophy of healthy aging and fitness called the Philosophy of Divine Nutrition.

In 1978, there was no such thing as Red Bull, Monster, 5 hour Energy or any of the energy drinks, shots or gums, that exists today.

In 1978, the idea that nutrition had a major role in heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes was still open to debate, even among some of the leading medical doctors of that day.

In 1978, the very term Minority Health Disparities was not coined by any medical or scientific organizations within the US government such as the CDC or Department of Health

Today, sports nutrition and energy drinks are multibillion dollar industries. So-called Anti-aging is a multibillion dollar industry. And the CDC has a division dedicated to Minority Health Disparities.

My people perish for lack of knowledge and for 93 consecutive hours, I presented information on the subjects of healthy aging and fitness to my people. And I’m not tired yet.

When you get a chance to read my book-New Jump Swing Healthy Aging and Athletic Nutrition program, you will see that at one point I compare my situation to that of baseball record breaker Hank Aaron. Hammering Hank, is not only in the Guinness Book for his home run achievement, but also in the Guinness Book for receiving more mail in one year than any other private citizen. The Guinness Book tells us that he received 900,000 pieces of mail in which they state that 1/3 of that mail (300,000) was HATE MAIL!

Since being in the Guinness Book, I have had lawsuits in the name of race, sex and age discrimination. I find myself in the unique position of being able to look at any group of people and pose the simple question “Who do you think a bigot hates more. A Black man with 3 prison records or a Black man with 3 world records?”

The fact that I come straight out of Brownsville, Brooklyn Ny and have the ability to write books on science and philosophy and then stand up and break Guinness records presenting that information, is something that those who would keep us as second class, have fought very hard to keep quiet. I had the publisher of a health magazine tell me to my face many years ago “ You’re the vegetarian preacher. We’re going to write something about you, but don’t hold your breath waiting..” I took his advice, the following year, I broke another Guinness record in public speaking.

What I hold world records in, was designed to make people in general healthier and stronger and people of color in particular, healthier and stronger. Hopefully, most of you understand now, why that would be such a challenge to those who would keep us as second-class citizens. A sick soldier cannot win a war.

Dr. King considered himself a Drum Major for peace. As much as I respect all that he did, I’m no drum major, I’m a drill sergeant. My number one objective is to make the troops ready for battle, wining the battle and coming home safely.

I’ve been promoting these concepts of healthy aging for the past 40 years and for as long as I’m able to breathe, I’ll continue to so. Because, I’m not tired yet!


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