health and wealth

The Winning Attitude to Health and Wealth in the 21st Century

Donald Thomas August 13, 2018

Health is your greatest wealth

Nowadays, health and wealth are core values taught in communities. Physical fitness, a positive mental attitude, and desirable habits will keep you physically and mentally fit, plus the benefit of healthy aging. The relationship between health and wealth has advanced with the advent of technology, so much so that these four ch . . .

plant based diet

Four Reasons to Embrace a Plant-Based Diet

Donald Thomas August 6, 2018

The remarkable and healthy benefits of plant-based diet to the human body

Giving Up on Meat?

There are so many healthy eating trends these days. From the Paleo and gluten-free diet to clean-eating and vegetarianism, the list goes on. However, two of the most popular these days are often mistaken as one healthy eating style—vegetarian a . . .

health challenges

Health Challenges Women Face in the 21st century

Donald Thomas July 30, 2018

Be Healthy: How to be super fit despite challenges in health

Women face a myriad of health challenges—some of which are only specific to them. For starters, there are certain diseases that impact women more significantly than men, heart disease being one of th . . .

minority health disparities

Minority Health Disparities

Donald Thomas July 23, 2018

Who deals with minority health and health disparities?

Minority health disparities refer to the health discrepancy associated with particular racial and ethnic groups. The 2010 US Census revealed that in the last century 36% of the population in the US belongs to an ethnic or racial minority group.

Certain health issues that concern specific minority gro . . .

new jump swing rope jumping and the Mind-Body Connection

New Jump Swing rope jumping and the Mind/Body Connection

Donald Thomas July 16, 2018

In 1973, I had bilateral knee surgery to remove boney patella fragments. This surgery was prior to Arthroscopic surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 18 days. That same surgery today would be Out Patient Same day surgery. While convalescing, I read a Runner’s World magazine article that highlighted the benefits of rope jumping. It seemed to have everything that I was looking for. It was low . . .

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