A good name will carry you farther than money!

Donald Thomas September 29, 2018

A good name will carry you farther than money

It was a senior citizen by the name of Grandma Jones who told me many years ago, “son, never forget, a good name will carry your farther than money.”

Bill Cosby and I, both appear in the 1989 Guinness Book. He appears on the cover. My picture appears on page 313.

Despite not having any major commercial endorsements, sponsorship or syndicat . . .

In the name of Health!

Donald Thomas September 17, 2018

In the name of Health

40 years ago this week, I stood at the Tree of Life School located at the corner of 125th st and Malcolm X Blvd and presented my philosophy of healthy aging and fitness called the Philosophy of Divine Nutrition.

In 1978, there was no such thing as Red Bull, Monster, 5 hour Energy or any of the energy drinks, shots or gums, that exists t . . .

health challenges

Men’s Health Challenges

Donald Thomas September 10, 2018

Effective solutions to solve men's health and wellness challenges

As long as they are working, feeling productive, and living up to their social roles, most men think they are healthy and doing fine. As a result, they tend to visit doctors only when it’s absolutely necessary, according to them. In most cases, this is why only serious conditions bring men . . .

flower pollen

6 All-Natural and Healthy Benefits of Flower Pollen

Donald Thomas September 4, 2018

Remarkably nutritional benefits of flower pollen extract

What is flower pollen? When plants produce flowers, the flowers create pollens. Pollens are the sperm, or the male seed of plants. When bees, butterflies, the wind, or other carriers carry the pollen to another flower’s pistil, pollination occurs. During this process, fertilization happens, which cr . . .

5 ways to improve your sleep and avoid sleeping disorders

Sleep—How to Get Ready for Bedtime

Donald Thomas August 28, 2018

5 ways to improve your sleep and avoid sleeping disorders

Just to put things in perspective very quickly. My world record speeches were not done to promote sleep deprivation.

They were done to make people who are sleep deprived know what they can eat for more energy other than the usual junk food that many find themselves currently eating.

People who . . .

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