A good name will carry you farther than money!

Donald Thomas September 29, 2018

A good name will carry you farther than money

It was a senior citizen by the name of Grandma Jones who told me many years ago, “son, never forget, a good name will carry your farther than money.”

Bill Cosby and I, both appear in the 1989 Guinness Book. He appears on the cover. My picture appears on page 313.

Despite not having any major commercial endorsements, sponsorship or syndicated television shows, I’ve gone on to have a successful career as a disability advocate as well as a motivational speaker and author.

Despite breaking three world records in Harlem, New York in the name of health with an emphasis upon African American health, I have yet to be interviewed or acknowledged by any major Black magazine.

Despite being listed in the Guinness Book for speaking on the subject of herbs and vegetarianism, I have had vegan and vegetarian organizations refuse to acknowledge me or my vegan/vegetarian program.

Another senior citizen gave me some advice shortly after my first record in 1978. She looked at me and said ’There are two trains that you can take in life, the local or the express. Now for all of the reasons I don’t have to go into Donald, you’re not on the express train, you are on the local. But don’t you ever forget, that the end of the line for the local, is the same end of the line for the express. And when you get off the train, you will have seen and experienced more than the ones who took the express. Don’t get upset when you see that express train whiz right by you. You just stay on the train.”

I’ve been riding the local train for 40 years now and  I can say with pride that there is “no shame on my name, no scandal on my handle.”

Bill Cosby can’t say that tonight, and there is only one vegetarian in the world who holds the world record for speaking on vegetarianism. There is only one person of color in the world who holds world records for speaking on the subject of minority health disparities.

I got on the PDN-New Jump Swing train at the Brownsville, Brooklyn New York station and I’ve taken it all the way to Hawaii. And I can tell you now, I have no intention of getting off the train until the conductor calls Last Stop-End of the Line!

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