6 All-Natural and Healthy Benefits of Flower Pollen

Donald Thomas September 4, 2018
Remarkably nutritional benefits of flower pollen extract

flower pollen

What is flower pollen? When plants produce flowers, the flowers create pollens. Pollens are the sperm, or the male seed of plants. When bees, butterflies, the wind, or other carriers carry the pollen to another flower’s pistil, pollination occurs. During this process, fertilization happens, which creates seeds.

Flower pollen is sometimes feared and hated because they are the leading cause of hay fever in the United States. Airborne pollen can cause sneezing, nose and eye itchiness, and other allergic reactions. However, flower pollen and its extract is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids that help protect the body from different diseases and ailments. This is especially true with pure flower pollen and not so with bee-gathered pollen.


Flower pollen and bee pollen

Bees are one of nature’s busiest workers. They buzz all day long, gathering pollen from different flowers and bringing them back to their hive. The bees then extract the nutritive substances from the pollen to produce honey, propolis, and other substances vital to the hive. Although not known to many, with bees gathering pollen, it comes in contact with molds, bacteria, and other harmful matter.

On the other hand, flower pollen is uncontaminated while preserving its purity. Therefore, flower pollen extract still retains most of its nutrients, while bee pollen consists of the outer shell and the whole pollen grain. This means that the human body can easily absorb the purer flower pollen.


Flower pollen extract benefits

Studies have proven that the pollen of a flower bring many health benefits, including the following:


  1. May stop tumor cell growth. Flower pollen extract is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are known to reduce prostrate inflammation that may cause prostate cancer.
  2. Boosts energy. Supplements made from flower pollen contain amino acids and energy-boosting nutrients. This is why many athletes take flower pollen extracts as an alternative to banned and harmful compounds.
  3. Heals lungs and liver. According to Total Health, Ukrainian scientists discovered that flower pollen extracts help activate specific enzymes that not only protect the lungs but strengthens the liver’s antioxidant capabilities.
  4. Protects the heart. Free radicals cause damage to cells and organs, especially the cardiovascular system, including the heart. Flower pollen extracts’ water-soluble ingredients, according to a Total Health report, combat free radicals and can reverse the damage done to the system.
  5. Boosts immunity. Pollen extracts help the body resist infections by boosting the weakened immune system.
  6. Helps in weight control. Pollen extracts contain a variety of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that help the body gain nutritional balance. Flower pollen extract also helps in the proper delivery of nutrients throughout the body to stabilize body weight.


Researchers are still studying the health benefits flower pollen extracts and supplements may possess. In the meantime, people who regularly intake flower pollen extracts as supplements have reported increased energy levels and better mood, among other health benefits. If there was ever one food item that PDN vegetarianism and New Jump Swing should be associated with that food is flower pollen.


Have you taken flower pollen extracts and supplements? How has it improved your well-being? Share your experience in the comments below. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads and check my book, New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program, for more tips on how to get healthier as you grow older.


Donald “Spiderman” Thomas is a 3 times Guinness record holder motivational speaker, fitness and healthy aging advocate. He has been promoting the use of pollen for over four decades.




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